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Tighten Up a Six Piece Horn Section in Seconds with Revoice Pro 4

Watch this short tutorial from Eli Krantzberg at Production Expert to learn how it's possible to quickly and easily tighten up multiple horn section tracks with Revoice Pro 4, adding focus, clarity and punch to the overall sound without losing the feel. 

Eli uses our unique Audio Performance Transfer (APT) technology inside Revoice Pro which enables the timing of an alto sax to be applied to other instruments in the brass section in just a few clicks of the mouse.

You can of course quantize your audio using your DAW, but using an APT ensures you don't lose the vibe and flow of the original performance, keeping your music sounding natural and authentic. 

This video works with instruments from a brass section, but the results are equally as good with other sources like vocals and guitars for example.


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