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Using the Revoice Pro 4.3 AudioSuite Plug-ins with Pro Tools

Revoice Pro 4.3 has greatly-improved Pro Tools' AudioSuite Link, Quick APT and Quick Doubler Plug-ins.

In Pro Tools, Revoice Pro 4 uses AudioSuite plug-ins to capture and render your audio quickly and easily. With 4.3, we’ve updated the Quick APT and Quick Doubler plug-ins so you can save time by selecting processing presets without opening the main Revoice Pro 4 application.

In addition, the Revoice Pro 4.3 Link plugin now lets you create a Revoice Pro session, which can be saved and reloaded to keep your adjustments and edits for future use. It's also now possible to capture audio files and create processes from within the Link plugin too.


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