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Using SmartAlign in VocAlign Project 5 with Production Expert

Our new technology SmartAlign uses the presence of audio in your Dub track, instead of the Guide, to decide when an alignment should start and end. This saves time as you don't need to split out and then capture corresponding sections of audio, SmartAlign intellegently works out what needs to be matched together for you.

In this video, Eli from Production Expert shows VocAlign Project 5 aligning stacks of harmonies to a lead vocal track in Logic Pro using SmartAlign. Then when a small adjustment is needed, Eli shows the flexibility of VocAlign Project 5 by tweaking a few settings to get a perfect result.

While this video shows operation with Logic Pro, SmartAlign is a feature inside the VocAlign plug-in, so it works the same way with all DAWs.

Don't forget, SmartAlign is also included in VocAlign Ultra which is the most advanced version of VocAlign. 

We have a free 14-day trial version of all our products so see how much time you can save!


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