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Why VocAlign Is Your Get Out Jail Free Card

Have you ever played Monopoly and received the 'Get Out Of Jail Free' card? It's a life-saver, isn't it... it can really get you out of a sticky situation. We think this perfectly describes VocAlign – the card you use in the game of vocal production, 

where your vocal mix (and sanity!) is saved from having to cut, splice and align your large stack of vocals by hand, and doesn't cost you in time spent doing this manually. Without the card, participants in the game would have to pay to 'get out of jail'.

In this video, Eli from Production Expert has an already-tuned lead (using RePitch), then effortlessly aligns the double to the lead using the advanced alignment features in VocAlign Ultra – utilising the SmartAlign, Alignment Presets and Protected Areas features that all help polish off the stack of vocals nicely.


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