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For a limited time, students from approved colleges and universities can claim a 3-month trial of our new vocal tuning plugin - RePitch, the new standard in natural pitch correction. Get the highest quality results in the least amount of time. 

Powerful, easy to use and exceptionally transparent, RePitch raises the bar for vocal pitch editing tools. Instantly snap vocal tracks to any scale or make detailed pitch, timing or vibrato changes in seconds. You can even connect RePitch to our alignment plugin VocAlign Ultra for simultaneous tuning of multiple vocal layers, saving hours of manual work.

Tuning you can't hear

RePitch meets the challenge of getting perfectly tuned vocals that don’t sound processed or doctored, so flaws and imperfections can be removed without compromising the feel or vibe of the performance.

Powered by our advanced musical note detection technology, RePitch’s instant automatic pitch correction can be applied in seconds. If you need more detailed editing, just fire up the suite of manual tools for fine tuning and tweaking.

A completely unique feature, RePitch uses our SynchroLink technology to connect to our alignment plugin VocAlign Ultra, so any pitch and timing changes can be instantly transferred to multiple doubles in real time, saving hours of editing.

Developed with the uncompromising input of Grammy-winning producers and engineers from all over the world, RePitch makes vocal pitch and timing correction quicker, easier and more transparent than ever before.

We offer a 50% EDU discount on RePitch, so if you find it useful then why not grab yourself a great deal!

Fill in the below form to claim your free 3-month license

Once your request is approved, a license will be deposited directly onto the iLok account that you provide us with. This can take up to 1-2 working days.