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5 Key Differences Between Revoice Pro and VocAlign Ultra

Since releasing VocAlign Ultra, we've had a lot of questions about the differences between VocAlign Ultra and Revoice Pro 4, especially as Ultra contains the advanced alignment technology which was previously unique to Revoice Pro.

It's important to remember that Ultra does not replace Revoice Pro, VocAlign Ultra is the latest and most advanced version of our VocAlign product line. We have lots of exciting plans for Revoice Pro and it will remain our 'flagship' product with the most comprehensive set of features.

Now that's cleared up, let's look at five key differences in more detail;

1) VocAlign Ultra is a plugin and Revoice Pro is a standalone application

All our VocAlign products are designed to provide fast and easy plugin-based alignment of vocals and instruments inside your DAW. While Revoice Pro comes with plugins to help move audio in and out of your DAW, it runs as a standalone application which works alongside and not inside a DAW. This enables Revoice Pro to have additional features and capabilities that would not be possible or practical in a plugin. 

RePitch + VocAlign Ultra

 Since the release of RePitch, VocAlign Ultra has been updated to connect with our latest pitch correction plugin. It's unique connectivity, which we call SynchroLink (more here), enables your backing vocals to be aligned automatically to your newly tuned lead vocal, saving you an enormous amount of time and headaches when re-tuning. VocAlign Ultra is bundled with RePitch (saving $48), and if you're already a RePitch owner, you can cross-grade to VocAlign Ultra for less (saving $50).

2) Revoice Pro 4 has a pitch editor

While both VocAlign Ultra and Revoice Pro are capable of aligning both the timing and pitch of two different signals, Revoice Pro also features an advanced pitch and timing editor. In Revoice Pro 4, making pitch and timing changes is easy and intuitive, whilst maintaining the highest audio quality. An additional benefit of using Revoice Pro for pitch correction or timing changes is that any adjustments to the lead will automatically update all the doubles instantly.

"Revoice Pro 4 is my secret weapon for all things vocal, I think of it as VocALign on Steroids. It's my one stop shop for adjusting pocket, matching pitch and a ton of other things" – Mischke, Vocal Producer (Michael Jackson, Britney Spears)

3) Revoice Pro 4 can create double tracks

If you need a double but one wasn't recorded with the lead vocal or you simply want addtional doubles, Revoice Pro can create new natural and authentic sounding double tracks instantly, which can then be imported straight into your DAW. A variety of presets are included depending on what kind of double you are looking for. 

4) Revoice Pro 4 has a 'Process Groups' feature, so you can change the alignment settings for a collection of vocals or instruments even after capturing them

If you are running a compatible ARA2 DAW like Logic Pro or Studio One, VocAlign Ultra is able to align multiple doubles at the same time. However, once your doubles have been captured, it's not possible for VocAlign Ultra to process them together as a group, that can only be done with the 'Process Groups' feature inside Revoice Pro. This can be a huge time saving when you're working on multiple vocal layers and want to tweak how much alignment is being applied to the whole stack. 

5) You can save your work in Revoice Pro 4

If you're working with VocAlign Ultra, the plugin settings in most DAWs are saved with your project although we always recommend you bounce any processing as you go. Revoice Pro 4 has it's own file format, so if you are working on a large and complex vocal arrangement, you can easily save and load it again later or share with other Revoice Pro 4 users. 

We have trial versions available of both VocAlign Ultra and Revoice Pro 4 so we would recommend you try them out before purchasing. 

Try VocAlign Ultra free for 14 days Try Revoice Pro 4 free for 14 days

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