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5 Ways Revoice Pro 4 Will Improve Your Vocals

By Joel Heatley | Synchro Arts Staff Writer

We realise your time is precious and with Revoice Pro 4, our mission was simple – to provide a comprehensive set of tools for saving time when editing vocals or dialogue.

As you may know Revoice Pro has some completely unique features, most notably variable pitch and time alignment across potentially huge vocal stacks using our APT (Audio Performance Transfer) technology. But that’s not all, Revoice Pro can also correct pitch, create doubles and much more.

In this blog post, we’ll look at 5 of the reasons Revoice Pro should be an essential part of your vocal production arsenal…

Perfect Timing

In many contemporary styles of pop and dance music, getting layered vocal performances to sound tight and cohesive is an essential part of the production process which can prove a long and tedious task if attempted manually. You might already be using our VocALign plugins for vocal alignment, but Revoice Pro 4 is designed to work with multiple vocals together and with our most advanced algorithm, it can quickly shape even the most wayward multitrack doubles and ensemble vocals into super-tight stacks.

But depending on the genre, perfect timing does not always mean super-tight and that’s no problem with Revoice Pro either. While our VocALign plugins always try to match two performances as tightly as possible, Revoice Pro 4’s unique APT functionality gives you the ability to control how much alignment is being applied, retaining as much of the original performance from your doubles or backgrounds as you feel necessary.

Also, if you do choose to make timing or pitch changes to your lead after you’ve run a timing or pitch transfer that’s no problem. With Revoice Pro you can create process groups so any alterations you make to the lead or guide track later on are instantly applied across all the other vocals. Magic.

Transparent Tuning

Often to get the very best out of a vocal or instrument recording, it’s necessary to make tuning changes and with Revoice Pro 4’s Warp processing, you can easily make either bulk or precision corrections and improvements quickly and easily. Most importantly, thanks to the advanced Revoice Pro 4 audio engine, any edits will sound completely natural and artefact free.

When you’re using Revoice Pro Warp processing, it’s simple to either apply pitch correction across an entire vocal track or forensically make smaller changes using Revoice Pro’s onboard collection of note editing tools. Then once you’ve made your changes, simply smooth the joins between notes to ensure silky transitions.

Transfer Tuning Between Tracks

Once you’re happy with the tuning of your lead or guide vocal, Revoice Pro APT can instantly apply that tuning to all your other doubles and backgrounds. There’s no need to spend time tuning all your vocals separately, just make sure your lead or guide vocal is tuned how you want and let Revoice Pro 4 do the rest.

It’s important to note that if you use Warp Processing in Revoice Pro 4 for your vocal tuning, you can continue editing the lead even after matching its pitch to your other vocals and then any changes you make will be applied to the whole stack. This can be a huge timesaver if you need to make last minute changes or simply missed a pitch issue in the initial tuning process.

Adding Realistic Doubles

While it’s obviously ideal to record any doubles needed with your vocalist while they’re in the studio, sometimes that’s just not possible or creatively you might decide a double is needed later on. The doubler process in Revoice Pro 4 takes an existing performance and applies variations to timing, formants and vibrato to output a completely new audio file which can then be imported to your DAW as a separate track.

Again, once you have created a double in Revoice Pro 4, any changes to the source file will automatically update your double, giving you complete control and flexibility. 

Keep Natural Vibrato

One problem with many conventional audio editors is that when you lengthen or shorten a note, the vibrato gets stretched which can sound strange and artificial. With Revoice Pro 4, the vibrato rate stays the same when you are editing so the performance stays completely natural and realistic.

While being able to control a singer's vibrato rate separately from any time stretching/compression might seem unimportant, in some cases it can make a big difference.


There is simply no other application on the market that has the same features as Revoice Pro 4. While it might be possible to achieve the same results with hours, or possibly days or manual editing, the real benefit of Revoice Pro is how much time it will save you. In a world when deadlines are getting tighter, reclaiming lost hours spent fixing timing and tuning issues means you can spend more time on creative tasks and ultimately getting the best possible result.

If you want to try out APT, just download our free 14-day trial version of Revoice Pro 4.


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