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5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To VocAlign Project 5

If you're a VocAlign Project 3 owner, you've probably heard that we recently released Project 5, a huge update with a much improved user interface and packed full of new features including our latest SmartAlign technology. In addition to a click new GUI, there's many reasons why we think it's worth upgrading your Project 3 license but to help with your decision, here's five of the best...

1) You get a better alignment algorithm

VocAlign Project 3 is powered by legacy technology whereas VocAlign Project 5 boasts the very latest alignment algorithms from our award-winning flagship software, Revoice Pro. This means you can align longer and more complex vocal sections in VocAlign Project 5 with more speed and accuracy than before. This should reduce the need for any kind of manual editing, saving you even more time in the studio. 

2) VocAlign Project 5 has a tightness control

Before VocAlign Project 5, previous versions of VocAlign Project always tried to align your signals as tightly as possible with no exceptions, all or nothing. With VocAlign Project 5 we have introduced a new tightness control so you decide how much alignment you want to apply to your vocals. If super-tight isn’t sounding right, then just loosen the setting in VocAlign Ultra and more of the original double will be retained for a more natural and transparent result.

3) VocAlign Project 5 has SmartAlign

Now included in all our products, our new technology SmartAlign uses the presence of audio in your Dub track, instead of the Guide, to decide when an alignment should start and end. This is a huge timesaver as there's no more need for any manual pre-editing, let SmartAlign do all the hard work for you.

4) VocAlign Project 5 can align multiple dubs together

VocAlign Project 3 can only align one dub track at a time. But If you use Project 5 with an ARA2 compatible DAW like Logic Pro, Studio One, Cubase Pro or Reaper, you can align large vocal stacks containing several layers at the click of mouse. When you combine this with SmartAlign, the VocAlign Project 5 workflow becomes incredibly fast and intuitive. 

5) The VocAlign Project 5 GUI is fully resizable

Users of VocAlign Project 3 have often told us that not being able to resize the GUI is a big limitation. That all changes with VocAlign Project 5 which can be reduced to down to a compact size just showing the key controls or be made full screen for detailed editing. Put simply, VocAlign Project 5 can be as big or as small as you need it to be, depending on which controls you need to see. 

There are many other great advantages of having Project 5 over previous versions of Project like alignment presets and you get two activations per license, another heavily requested feature. Interested? Why not grab the VocAlign Project 5 14-day trial and take it for a spin and see what you might be missing!


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