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6 Common Vocal Issues Fixed In Seconds With Revoice Pro

If you work with vocals, Revoice Pro is a comprehensive toolbox for solving even the most complex problems in just a few mouse clicks. Don't waste hours of valuable studio time on tedious editing tasks, learn how Revoice Pro can offer you creative solutions to speed up your workflow today. Here are some common issues we can help with; 

1. You have a solid vocal but it needs some tuning. 

Learn how vocal tuning and timing issues can be fixed in seconds using Warp Processing in Revoice Pro 4. This video covers;

- Editing tool walkthrough
- Pitch correcting multiple notes with one click
- Using Average Pitch for better tuning
- Warp Point Tool for fast timing adjustments

2. You need to reduce sibilance.

Excessive sibilant sounds such as ‘s’ and ‘sh’ is a common issue with many vocal tracks. Learn how Revoice Pro can help de-ess and de-breath your vocals in seconds with Warp editing. This video will show you;

- How to identify un-pitched elements like breaths in a vocal track using Revoice Pro
- Adjusting those un-pitched elements
- Making volume changes to sung notes

3. You need to make timing changes to a vocal but keep the vibrato sounding natural.

Learn how our unique Vibrato Warp Points feature inside Revoice Pro 4 can either lengthen or shorten a note without compressing or expanding its vibrato, keeping your vocal 100% authentic and artefact free.

4. You have multiple vocal tracks like harmonies and doubles that need aligning to a lead.

Normally this would be very labour intensive but can be done in seconds using our unique APT feature in Revoice Pro 4.

This video shows how by creating an APT with a process group, timing or pitch changes to a single vocal can be instantly applied to many other performances, saving hours of studio time so you can spend more time making creative decisions.

5. You need a realistic double track in a hurry. 

Learn how Revoice Pro 4 not only creates great sounding doubles, but provides presets and parameters for you to experiment and get the best possible results.

6. You've already recorded, tuned and aligned your vocal stack but decide to make a creative timing change. 

Learn how using an APT or Audio Performance Transfer and Process Groups in Revoice Pro 4 can achieve this in seconds.

With Revoice Pro you can make unlimited last-minute timing or tuning changes to a lead vocal which can be then instantly applied to potentially huge vocal stacks, even after all the editing work has been done.

We hope you've found these videos useful, please get in touch if you'd like to see any other topics covered. 


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