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Revoice Pro 4.2 New Features and Improvements

We're very pleased to announce the latest version of our flagship timing and pitch toolbox Revoice Pro 4.2 is now available. Following the release of 4.1 back in May, this update includes a whole host of new features and improvements including Automatic Scale Detection, further Warp / Pitch Editing improvements & Formant Shifting. In addition, Revoice Pro internal signal processing is now performed using 32 or 64-bit float values and there is faster operation with large ARA2 sessions.

    Existing Revoice Pro 4 owners can download 4.2 for free. 


    Here's what is new in Revoice Pro 4.2

    Automatic Scale Detection

    The Warp function menu now includes the option to 'Detect Scale'. When applied, Revoice Pro 4 will analyse the selected audio and determine the musical key / scale. Once identified, only notes from that scale will appear on the left-hand side vertical bar when editing and corrected notes will snap to the available pitches. This helps to speed up the tuning process and makes creative changes to your melodies and phrases much easier.

    Warp Improvements

    • For each note in an audio file, Revoice Pro displays a blue bar accross the notes in the Warp region view which indicates the average pitch. You can now adjust the part of note used to calculate this value, this is especially useful when there are significant pitch deviations e.g. vibratos or sliding between pitches within a note that you want to exclude 

    • You can now slip the start and end of notes giving you complete control over where each note begins and finishes so you can create smoother and more natural transitions

    • Preset for Bass instruments

    • Streamlined Warp editing tools and context menu to speed up your workflow with routine functions like Join and Smooth now being accessible via menu or shortcut commands

    Formant Shifting

    Formants are the harmonic frequencies which are present in the human voice. With Revoice Pro 4.2 it's now possible to shift the formants of a performance to change its timbre or colour without affecting the pitch or timing. The creative possibilites here are endless as you can easily create your own epic vocal ensembles. 

    Other Significant Changes

    • Internal signal processing is now performed using 32 or 64 bit float values.

    • Revoice Plug-ins will support audio with levels greater than 0dB (If supported by the DAW)

    • ARA is now faster with larger sessions

    • Show in Finder - will open the Finder or Explorer to show the audio file

    • Revoice Pro 4.2 now supports audio files with differing resolutions in the same session

    • New Bar/Beats display

    If you are a Revoice Pro 1-3 user, click here for 5 Reasons to Upgrade to Revoice Pro 4


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