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Fast Vocal Alignment with Vocalign Pro in Ableton Live

This video blog post comes courtesy of our friends over at Warp Academy, an online tutorial platform founded by certified Ableton trainers.

Let's say you have a vocal stack with a lead, doubles, harmonies, octave parts, whisper tracks and more.  Manually aligning all of them with time stretching or warping can be done, but it’s incredibly time-consuming and tedious.  It eats up hours, or even days, of precious studio time all of which can be saved with VocALign. 

This tutorial looks in detail at the automated alignment of vocals and instruments with VocALign Pro inside Ableton Live.  In modern production it’s very common to stack multiple parts to layer and thicken vocals and instruments.  It's essential to get a super tight sync between the various vocal or instrument parts for a professional sound and with VocALign Pro 4 you can do this in seconds.  

In this video,  Warp Academy cover how to do manual alignment with time stretching, and then show how to use VocALign Pro to do this automatically.

3 distinct examples are used to show how the process works;

  • A female vocal stack in a future bass tune
  • Male rap vocals in a future hip hop tune
  • A tenor saxophone to show how it works on an acoustic instrument 

Please note this video shows VocALign Pro which requires an iLok key for operation, the more basic VocALign Project does not require an iLok key and works in a similar way. 


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