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Free Video Showing How Warp Editing Just Got A Whole Lot Easier

The team at Production Expert love the latest version of Revoice Pro, version 4.1 and one feature they appreciate is the new ways in which Warp Editing works.

In this free video they show how much faster Warp Editing is;

"Basic vocal tuning has been greatly enhanced in Revoice Pro 4.1 with the addition of some key commands that simplify the warp editing workflow.

We can now convert audio to a warp process with the simple key command W and then it is ready to be tuned, We can then select and correct all notes at once using the shortcut Option W and this will probably get us pretty close.

We found this workflow to be pretty good, then it just needs a couple of tweaks but this workflow has gotten us there fast.”

Watch this video to see how much easier it is to tune vocals in Revoice Pro 4.1.

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