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Get Tight Pop Vocals - Producer Paul Drew Shows How With Revoice Pro

Recently producer Paul Drew took a look at using Revoice Pro 4 and the excellent ARA 2 functionality, in Revoice Pro 4 for Production Expert.

He made a video showing how he tightened the timing and tuning of both main and backing vocals in a pop track using Revoice Pro.

His verdict of the software for music production;

"Revoice Pro 4 can take a bit of time to get your head around, but there is not another all in one package that can do what it does. The results that it can achieve are truly amazing, and in certain situations could be the make or break of a production, especially if the singers pitch and timing leave a lot to be desired. Revoice Pro 4’s pitch correction interface can be confusing but with a bit of practice can achieve excellent results. With the added ARA2 integration, Revoice Pro becomes a perfect companion for Studio One."

Download a demo copy of Revoice Pro to check for yourself

You can read the entire article on Production Expert

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