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Hollywood Composer Saves The Day On Movie With Revoice Pro

What happens if you've got the scene shot for a new movie and find that you can't get clearance for the song used? This was the challenge the makers of 'Gotti' had, and they turned to composer Jacob Bunton to help them solve the problem, he then turned to Revoice Pro to ensure what he created was perfect.

Bunton takes up the story;
"In the movie Gotti, when doing music for that at the last minute, they couldn't get clearance for a song called 'Little Pal'. It's the old Jimmy Roselli song, and they had already shot the film and the scene of John Gotti Junior's wedding." 

"Jimmy Roselli actually performed the song 'Little Pal' at the wedding. For accuracy, it was essential to have the song in the movie, so they had the actor singing to the original version." 

However, the production company couldn't get clearance because they didn't know who owned the master. So they got clearance for the publishing but not the recording.

"I got hit up at the last minute asking me to re-record the song, but it has to be exact all the instrumentation. The vocals everything had to be exact sound and timing because the scene is already shot."

Watch the video to see the rest of the interview and to see how Jacob used Revoice Pro to perform this almost impossible task.

In his own words, Revoice Pro "worked like a charm!"

Hear the final track he created for the movie on Spotify.

Jacob Bunton is an Emmy Award-winning composer, originally from Birmingham, Alabama now lives and works in Hollywood. Jacob has worked with music legends Mariah Carey, Smokey Robinson, The Doors and many more. His film and TV work include; Sons of Anarchy, Californication, Gotti and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.


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