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LANDR Audio Acquires Synchro Arts

9th June, 2021

LANDR continues to expand on its mission to empower musicians by acquiring the creators of the industry-leading vocal production plug-in 

Today, LANDR Audio announced that it has acquired Synchro Arts, the makers of the popular VocAlign and Revoice Pro audio softwares.

This move is part of LANDR’s ongoing mission to empower musicians to create, collaborate and promote their work. LANDR (https://landr.com), which launched its pioneering AI Mastering software in 2014, also offers a music distribution service, a samples marketplace, a plugin store, and a marketplace for hiring producers, engineers and promoters, as well as a video chat software that streams high quality audio from the DAW. The acquisition will add an industry leading plugin to LANDR’s product catalog. 

Synchro Arts, which was founded in 1994 has become the industry standard for vocal timing and pitch alignment with its powerful multi-track vocal processing features. The company’s VocAlign plugins are used by tens of thousands of users worldwide, and its Academy Award-winning Revoice Pro software can be found in professional music, TV and film studios globally.

“This deal is a natural fit,” said Pascal Pilon, CEO and co-founder of LANDR. “Vocal processing is a key piece of the music creation process, and with Synchro Arts, we have added world-class technology to our platform and world-class individuals to our team.”

"To be joining forces with the talented Landr team opens up fantastic opportunities for us," added Jeff Bloom, CEO and founder of Synchro Arts. "We are all very excited by their vision and interest in incorporating much more of the audio processing technology we've been developing over 26 years into new, jointly developed applications."

The Synchro Arts team, based in the UK, will be integrated into the global LANDR team, but will continue to be responsible for the development and evolution of the existing product lines, which LANDR has no plans to make changes to.

While the VocAlign and Revoice products will continue to be developed and maintained on their own, LANDR also has other plans for the underlying technology.

“We’re working on something really exciting that will bring the magic of what Synchro Arts has accomplished to a whole new audience,” said Pilon.

The best place for users to access Synchro Arts products is through the synchroarts.com website, as well as through any major plugin retailer. The products will eventually be available through LANDR’s plugins store as well, but no specific timing has been established for that yet.


LANDR empowers musicians to create and get heard.  As a pioneer in big data and machine learning for the music industry, LANDR provides millions of independent artists and labels with a single space to learn about, collaborate on, master, release and monetize music online. Since launching in 2014, LANDR has consistently built tools that level the playing field for musicians, combining into a self-serve platform that is affordable and invaluable at every stage of the music creation lifecycle. 


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