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New Loyalty Discounts For Existing Customers

Following some great customer feedback, we're very happy to launch new loyalty pricing for all three of our products. 

Before now, VocALign users were required to surrender their license in order to get a discount on Revoice Pro 4, this is no longer the case. Also for the first time, Revoice Pro 4 users can purchase VocALign plug-ins at 50% off.  This offer applies to full license holders only.

These new buying options recognise that VocALign and Revoice Pro offer different workflow and feature benefits when processing vocals and instruments, so it's often handy to have both available to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

"When I need to tune and align vocals, Revoice Pro 4 would always be my first choice but if I ever need to just get vocals in sync quickly without pitch or tuning then I would choose VocALign every time." - Paul Drew, Producer

Want to know more, watch this video!

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