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RePitch 1.3 Update Now Available

RePitch 1.3 has been unveiled with new and improved features including the new Shaper Tool, new and improved time & modulation editing, hotkey programming ability, faster processing and more. The update is now available to both RePitch Standard and RePitch Elements owners! 

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What’s new in RePitch 1.3 

We’re on a mission to make vocal processing faster, easier and more intuitive for our users. That’s why we’ve launched a new version of our vocal tuning plugin—introducing RePitch 1.3.

Don’t worry, RePitch 1.3 still delivers natural-sounding, perfectly-tuned vocals. The only difference is now you get even more control over the final result of your vocal tuning. Oh, and the processing time has gotten even faster.

RePitch 1.3 improvements and additions include:

  • Shaper Tool (RePitch Standard Only)—this unique pitch-shaping tool lets you drop Shape Points on the pitch and level of your track to manually shape your edit
  • Control Points—note block controls allow for quicker and more efficient vocal performance adjustments
  • Time Editing–adjusting timing of your vocal in RePitch 1.3 is easy – notes can be lengthened or shortened, as well as moved horizontally in time, great for adjusting syncopation in your vocal; all which can be accessed quickly and easily from the note block for a speedy workflow.
  • Hotkeys—personalize your editing experience by creating customized keyboard shortcuts
  • Audition playback loop—jump to your playback loop and listen to your work quickly and easily
  • Speed Enhancements—improved processing allows for lightning-fast vocal-tuning workflow
  • Instant Bypass ‘B’—get a quick A/B comparison of before and after processing with a hotkey shortcut

It’s never been easier to get pristine, natural-sounding vocals. RePitch 1.3 delivers new functionality and faster processing time to your vocal edit. Download it today to give your vocal production the shine it deserves.  

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