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Bringing Online Choirs Together With Revoice Pro 4

The current global pandemic and subsequent lockdown have profoundly impacted how we interact and spend our time. It's no suprise that choirs haven't been meeting as normal so they've had to adapt. In addition, many new online choir groups have formed, some already have thousands of members. We believe strongly in the physical and emotional health benefits of singing together, so we've been very happy to support online choir projects to use Revoice Pro 4.

Editing together potentially hundreds of singers with differing abilities recorded remotely on all kinds of devices is very time consuming so say the least. The APT (Audio Performance Transfer) feature in Revoice Pro 4 helps solve this problem, as the timing and pitch from a vocal sung by an experienced singer can be used to modify all the voices in the choir, so they sound more in time and tune. As Revoice Pro 4 can deal with up to 20 tracks at a time, this greatly speeds up what would otherwise be a long and tedious editing process. 

Here's what John Morgan, Creative Director with the Revv52 Choir told us - 
"I got the trial version of Revoice Pro to editing some virtual choir projects. You really should market the software for that. Man did it make my life easier. Thanks for your great software! I have used it for 8 other virtual projects. You saved me dozens of hours!". 

We also heard from Emmy Award-Winning Producer/Mixer Michael J Moritz Jr - 
"I LOVE Revoice. It was such a time saver on the Jordin choir lineup of 80 different individuals singers' iphone recordings! It turned out excellent."

Musical director and choir leader Chris Mutch-Jones put together this great tutorial on how to use Revoice Pro 4 with a DAW to align members of a choir together who recorded themselves singing at home;

Now let's hear it in action, here are some performances which use Revoice Pro 4;

If you're working with a virtual choir and need help or support using Revoice Pro 4 then please get in touch and we'll be happy to assist. 


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