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Rent-To-Own Revoice Pro 5 Or VocAlign Ultra

Do you only need our software for a limited time or want to spread the cost? No problem, get a 3-month rental of either VocAlign Ultra or Revoice Pro and once you buy four 3-month rentals of the same product you'll receive a permanent license*.

Please note that if you have previously purchased VocAlign Pro rentals they can be used towards getting a VocAlign Ultra license.

Here's how our rentals work:-

1) You purchase a fully functioning, 3-month (90 day) rental license.
2) You start using it when you want, by activating your license.
3) Once you have done that, the license will be active for 3 months.
4) After 3 months, the license will stop working.
5) You don't have to buy another 3-month rental - ever!
6) But you can purchase further 3-month rentals whenever you need them.

7) You can also purchase more than one rental at the same time and activate them when you need them.

It works like this:
1st purchase of 3-month rental: receive a 3-month license
2nd purchase of 3-month rental: receive a 3 month license
3rd purchase of 3-month rental: receive a 3 month license
4th purchase of 3-month rental: RECEIVE A FULL PERMANENT LICENSE.
Things to remember
  • Our rental program is not a subscription service
  • We do not collect monthly payments automatically
  • You do not receive a full license in the fourth month; you receive a full license on the fourth purchase of a 3-month rental
  • If you have previously rented Revoice Pro 4, your rentals will count towards ownership of Revoice Pro 4.


*All four licenses must be in the same iLok account. Individual 3x rentals are purchased separately at the current price on the Synchro Arts website. 

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