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RePitch 1.2 Update Now Available

A huge thank you to everyone who has given us feedback on using RePitch, after lots of conversations we've put together a 1.2 update which includes a variety of improvements which should help get better results and speed up your workflow. 


So what's changed?

Multi-region Mode

Depending on how you capture or load vocal performances into the RePitch plugin, your audio might be separated into individual regions or clips. In ARA mode what you see in RePitch will mirror your DAW. In non-ARA mode you decide when to start and stop the capture process and that will decide how many regions you have in RePitch.

Working in the new Multi-region mode in RePitch will speed up your workflow, as it’s now possible to edit your vocal regions in RePitch together as if they were one single take. This is now the default editing mode in the RePitch plug-in. So for example, with Multi-region mode active you can select all notes across all your regions and use the correct pitch tool to tune everything at once. Or use the draw tool to make pitch adjustments across region boundaries. Any boundaries to your editing desires have been removed.

Watch Multi-region mode working below...

Other improvements in 1.2 include;

  • Macros are simplified and easier to use – after choosing the pitch range, you then decide whether you want to snap notes to the detected scale (what RePitch thinks the scale is), Selected Scale (the scale selected by you in scale name) or to not snap notes to scale. Top Tip: setting the pitch range is recommended to make RePitch processing faster and its editing sound better.
  • We’ve streamlined how RePitch saves audio to drastically reduce the number of files which get stored locally, freeing up more of your hard drive space.
  • Audio scrubbing is now possible, so you can quickly audition an area of audio by moving the playhead making it easy to zero in on a specific area
  • Screen updates are now much faster so you get a much smoother display making editing sessions much easier
  • The note name area features an 'On/ Off' toggle – when a note is off, the note being snapped to the nearest semitone will not snap the toggled-off note.

For a full list, please check the release notes.


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