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Revoice Pro - Partner Video Tutorials

Many hours of Tutorials from macProVideo, Streamworks Audio and Groove3 make learning Revoice Pro 3 easy. 

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REVOICE PRO: REVEALED - from macProVideo

Revoice Pro - Partner Tutorial Videos

In this macProVideo course by Joe Albano, he answers why, when and how this indispensable software can solve your most vexing audio production problems. 

Taking you through all of the advanced features of Revoice Pro with track-loads of audio examples, you see all these features in action and how you can use them in your productions.

So turn up the volume on your audio education by learning all of the advanced production techniques embedded in Revoice Pro 3.

Be sure to watch Joe’s hilarious and informative tutorial on ADR, where he seamlessly replaces Israeli producer Eyal Amir’s voice with his own New York flavored vocalization. What are you waiting for? Expand your audio knowledge by learning Revoice Pro 3 now!

Find out more about 'Revoice 101: Revealed' here

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SWA COMPLETE REVOICE PRO 3 - from Streamworks Audio

11 in-depth videos on Revoice Pro 3 that start by introducing the amazing vocal harmonizer/doubler and explaining the core functionality of its standalone application and new accompanying plugin. They then lay out the details of Revoice Pro 3’s audio manipulation processes, before getting into the tutorial proper with a tour of the main application’s interface.

In videos 4 and 5, they demonstrate the use of Revoice Pro 3 to manipulate one audio file in relation to another, and reveal the locations and operational specifics of further functions. Moving on, the Reprocessing and Extra Operations videos (6 and 7) explore the modification of a processed audio file and the mixer control buttons, while video 8, Structuring Tracks and Projects, looks at the software’s various project settings and track organisation options.

Finally, in videos 9, 10 and 11, they show you how to time-stretch audio using RP3’s warp editing points and make manual pitch corrections.

Find out more about SWA Complete Revoice Pro 3 here.

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Revoice Pro 3 master, Marcus Huyskens, delivers over 2 hours (26 tutorials) for beginner to intermediate users to watch online or via your iPad, iPhone or iPod. 

He starts with the standalone basics, giving you numerous videos on how to Install & Authorize RVP3, Create Tracks, Import Audio, Set Preferences, use the Playback Tools, make Mixer Adjustments and Edit Audio. 

Next he teaches you about Creating and Editing Warp Regions, Transfering Audio from your DAW to RVP3 and then back again, How to Use Automatic Doubling, as well as tonnes of Shortcuts and Tips.

If you’re new to Revoice Pro 3 or want to find out about everything it can do for you and your productions then look no further! Watch “Revoice Pro 3 Explained” today and become a RVP3 master. 

Find out more about 'Revoice Pro 3 Explained' here.

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