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Transfer The Pitch & Timing Of One Vocal Performance To Another With Revoice Pro

Eli Krantzberg at Production Expert has made a great video showing how he has used Revoice Pro to change the pitch of notes recorded by a singer who had recorded a part but then was unable to come back to the studio, he writes;

"Part of the creative process is changing your mind. It’s not uncommon to come up with alternate ideas once a part has been recorded. But what happens if the talent you are recording is not available to re-record alternate ideas?

I found myself in this situation recently while working on an original song. The lead vocal was recorded by a colleague on the other side of the continent. His singing sounded great, but I wanted to try some alternate phrasing with a few different melody notes on a particular line in the second verse.

Enter Revoice Pro 4 from Synchro Arts. The Audio Performance Transfer (APT) is the perfect tool for this situation. It is used to transfer pitch and/or timing from one vocal recording to another. Even if it is a different singer!"

It's an excellent example of how Revoice Pro can be used by both music and post producers and engineers to make hard tasks easy or in some case impossible takes possible.

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