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Up to 50% off VocAlign Ultra and Revoice Pro 4

Are you still spending hours trying to get professionally-sounding vocals? Timing, pitch, harmonies and doubles are just some of the key components to get right in any mix. Editing all of these manually across multiple vocals can be incredibly time consuming and often does not deliver the desired results.

Until May 31st, you can save up to 50% on our multi-award winning VocAlign Ultra and Revoice Pro 4 products.

The big question is, which one is right for you? Here's an overview of the features...

VocAlign Ultra: Advanced Timing & Pitch Alignment Plugin

In a nutshell, VocAlign Ultra matches the timing and pitch of two or more vocal, instrument or dialogue tracks. You name it, anything that has a similar signal pattern, Ultra will be able to align perfectly with ease thanks to the Revoice Pro alignment technology. Not every genre calls for perfect timing – so that’s why we’ve packed VocAlign Ultra with features that gives the producer the flexibility to decide how ‘tight’ they want their vocals to sound.

VocAlign Ultra has been tried and tested by well-respected, top-of-their-game industry professionals. Here’s just a handful of testimonials:

“VocAlign Ultra is lightning in a bottle with backing vocals. This is such an important and elegant tool for me” Greg Wells, Producer / Mixer (Adele, John Legend, Taylor Swift)

“I use VocAlign Ultra all the time. I just took a take that I loved the tone of and copied the phrasing from another take using VocAlign Ultra. It makes my life so much easier!”Chris Garcia, Engineer (Lana Del Rey. Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato)

“I have been having lots of success with VocAlign Ultra. The results are stunning, no detectable artefacts. I give it ten out of ten stars” Tony Visconti, Producer (David Bowie, T. Rex, Paul McCartney)

If you find yourself aligning vocals by hand and want to get better, sonically sounding mixes – VocAlign Ultra is your solution, and is now only $279 (for a limited time only). 


Revoice Pro 4: The Ultimate Pitch & Timing Toolbox

Our flagship product offers unmatched, industry-standard pitch editing and time alignment tools which are used by hundreds of award winning producers and audio professionals. Revoice Pro 4 is the one-stop-shop for vocal production, boasting the best alignment technology (for huge vocal stacks), state-of-the-art tuning functions and is a standalone program – making it easier to edit vocals in and outside of your DAW.

Critically-acclaimed Revoice Pro 4 has been rated highly by leaders in the audio production space. Here’s what press have said:

“It remains among the best-sounding pitch processors out there, and when it comes to time alignment, it's in a class of its own”Sound On Sound

"The ease of tidying and time aligning with RVP4 just took the quality of everything I’ve been doing for the last few years to a whole new level!"Headliner

“It’s the holy grail for backing vocals; although that description is far too limited since you can use it on lead vocals and instruments as well.”Tape Op

Whether you need to tighten timing or pitch on a huge vocal stack, manually tune a lead or create authentic double tracks, Revoice Pro has you covered, and is now only $359 (for a limited time only).


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