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Students, Educators and Educational Institutions

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Purchase Synchro Arts Products at 50% Discount

Synchro Arts are pleased to provide qualifying Students, Educators and Institutions with an Educational Discount Voucher to use in our on-line store to purchase our products at half-price. To qualify, you must meet the Eligibility conditions and agree to the following Terms and Conditions.



    1. Educational Discounts are only available to faculty, staff and enrolled students involved in audio or music technology courses and actively teaching or learning how to use our products.
    2. These courses must be taking place in accredited universities and colleges, or schools equivalent to US high school level, offering full-time education, or institutions that grant degrees requiring not less than the equivalent of two years of full-time study. Online courses will be considered if they are provided by accredited universities and colleges and can count towards either a degree or diploma. 
    3. Teachers must not apply for a discount voucher if their employment with their Educational Institution is ending within 6 months of their intended discount voucher request.


  1. The Vouchers and Educational Licenses are intended for the sole use of the qualifying person for educational and NOT commercial purposes.
  2. Educational Discount Vouchers and Licenses are NOT to be used by, transferred to or sold to anyone else.
  3. Educational Discounts cannot be combined with or applied to any other Synchro Arts discount or sale pricing. 
  4. For Students and Educators, there is a limit of one order per customer.
  5. Licenses must be deposited in the eligible Voucher-holder's ilok.com account.
  6. The provision of an Educational Discount is solely at the discretion of Synchro Arts whose decision is final.
  7. If you receive an Educational Discount Voucher and it expires before you use it, you must submit a new request with all the Required Information listed below.
  8. Synchro Arts reserves the right to deactivate any License purchased using an Education Discount Voucher that is not being used by the qualifying person or is not being used for Educational purposes.

How To Obtain an Educational Discount Voucher

If you agree to the above Terms and Conditions and meet the above Eligibility requirements, you can send the following required information and proof of qualification by email to edu@synchroarts.com

Please send this information using your email account given to you by your academic institution. 
If you do not send your request from an academic email address, you MUST explain why you do not have one.

Required Information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your personal academic email address (use this to email us your Discount Voucher request).
  3. Your postal address
  4. Your status (i.e. student, educator, or institution representative)
  5. Name of Educational Institution
  6. Name of Department / Division (if any)
  7. Full Institution Address
  8. Name of course or program in which you are enrolled
  9. Proof of Current Full-time Academic Affiliation.
    This must be a scan of current, dated documentation of your academic affiliation IN ENGLISH. We will accept copies of the following sent as attachments:
    • Student, Faculty or Staff ID card showing validity for a minimum of six months from date of Discount Voucher application and/or
    • A dated schedule, receipt or invoice, or a letter from the Institution on their letterhead stationary indicating current status and confirmation of continued enrolment or employment for a minimum of six months beyond the date of your Discount Voucher application.
  10. ESSENTIAL: Your iLok.com account USER ID (see www.iLok.com for details).
    : The applicant's name and email must match those of this application's iLok account.

Receiving Your Voucher

Once Synchro Arts has received all of the above information and is satisfied of your eligibility, we will email you your Educational Discount Voucher with instructions on its use.

Allow up to 10 working days for a response.