RePitch Standard

Release Notes

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Bug Fixes

  • Pro Tools - Windows - Error when capturing and storing audio
  • Crash when deleting audio if Center Note Tool is selected
  • If you select a preset which is already selected - nothing happens
  • Crash if you reset level points which are not part of a note


Changes to macros, snap control and scale management

○ In Scale menu, you can select a scale to use which will not be overwritten by the measured scale.

○ The Detected scale will be shown and kept in scale list.

○ TheSnap switch now controls use of the Selected scale and the display of the allowed notes

Major Change to Macro settings menu and scale use

Can now select user of Selected or Detected Scale

New Macros are being added to use above new features

Editing is now supported in the new Multi-Region Editing Mode across multiple regions (when they exist)

If you only have one Region in the track, there is no difference in these two editing modes.

The main reason for Single Region Mode is to be able to select only one Region when they overlap.

○  The new mode switch in the top tool bar switches between Multiple and Single region modes :

In Multiple Region Editing mode, you can:

■ Select notes across regions and edit all at the same time

■ The Correct Pitch and Draw tools will work across regions

■ Arrow keys will work across regions

In Single Region Editing and Multi Region modes you can:

■ Delete the selected region

■ Select the Region for VocAlign Ultra to access it as Guide audio

■ Apply Macros to notes in the Region(s)

Undo and Redo the capture of audio in Real-time mode

  You will get a warning notice when you delete audio

Undo of delete audio  is not yet completed

Undo and Redo operations are now faster for the draw tool and correct pitch.

Draw Tool Undo is now much faster


New local playback engine.

Plays across regions

Plays local loops

Allows audio scrubbing (put mouse cursor on Playback head and drag left and right)

Playback Loop operation improved

Playback loops back to start from the end of a Playback Loop for local playback

 You can Jump to the start of a Playback Loop from anywhere in the timeline  (even if loop range is not visible in RePitch) and start playing by holding down OPTION / ALT key and Double-clicking in RePitch window in empty area.

○ If you have a Playback Loop, you can use its range to select the audio that crosses and are within its boundaries.
This is now in the main Right Click menu. Set Selected from Playback Loop.
This can used for many things including for a key change, to apply tuning or other operation to the range using the different scale.

 Playback Loops new now work in AAX and Real-Time VST and AU RePitch versions.


● Zoom to selected range (Z key) and back out using Z key now works after doing other operations in between Z key presses.

Whats New


  • NEW Control of Pitch Trend (aka “drift") in Note Center pop-up 
  • NEW Control box for multiple notes that assist note groups’ time modifications and Tilt control 
  • Support for 768kHz Audio 
  • Unvoiced Notes (detected sibilance) now positioned correctly at start and end of note 
  • RePitch now also processes in stereo as well as mono 
  • RePitch now updates itself when not displayed 
  • Pentatonic Scales are removed as possible results from automatic scale detection (but remain available in manually selectable scales) 
  • Pro Tools now has SynchroLink connection between RePitch and VocAlign Ultra 
  • Pro Tools now has stereo RePitch AAX 


  • NEW – Click in pitch scale in left border to enable or disable notes in scale – if enabled, it becomes an allowable note to Snap to (if Snap button is on)   
  • In Logic Pro, RePitch displays correct audio segment when selecting a different track 
  • Tooltips bug fixed where information now displays and closes properly 
  • Unvoiced sounds at start of sung words are displayed with following pitched note 
  • Logic Pro in Apple Silicon mode can resize RePitch better 


  • Improved playback loop area operations when dragging range 
  • Playback in RePitch now stops at the end of the signal rather than jumping back to the start 
  • After using Draw Tool to change pitch, Note blocks move to new Note Centers 

Navigation, Tools and Commands 

  • NEW  For AU DAWs:  Key commands that contain the CMD key are passed to the DAW if they are not used by RePitch
  • When using the draw tool, transition note blocks are handled better when using features like the Center Note tool 
  • Choosing a new scale updates in the Scale Name Window correctly without having to save and reopen the Scale window
  • Windows 10 trackpad gesture improved 
  • Keyboard shortcuts now working in all major DAWs 

VocAlign Ultra Connection to RePitch 

  • Fixed SynchroLink connection so VocAlign Ultra does not delete processes in RePitch 
  • When using SynchroLink, VocAlign Ultra now processes up to 3 times faster

Bug Fixes

  • MacOS / Cubase 12.0.40 - RePitch is receiving keystrokes on both key down and key up
  • Ableton Live may take a long time to freeze an audio segment.
This is the first publicly available verison of RePitch