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Revoice Pro 4 - Ask Audio - September 2019 "Revoice Pro 4 is a solid improvement on an already robust set of tools. The software is snappy, the engine sounds great, and the tools save you a ton of time. Two big thumbs up from us here at Ask.Audio."

Revoice Pro 4 - Everything Recording - September 2019 "If you're looking for the most advanced pitch correction software, you've come to the right place. Processing of pitch and time related processes couldn't be faster. Revoice Pro 4 is a must for any engineer."

Revoice Pro - Sonic Scoop - December 2018 "Revoice Pro 4 offers tons of workflow enhancements, significant developments in design and technology... The software remains a staple in the post-production scene, and with version 4, its value is even further enhanced in the music world with the new APT Music mode, Vibrato Warp function, and ARA abilities.

Revoice Pro 4 - Music Tech Magazine - November 2018 "this is a unique and powerful, time-saving tool for working with vocal audio."

Estrada i Studio "None of the competitors offer the same level of efficiency, flexibility and quality of sound as Revoice Pro."

Professional Audio Magazine - November 2018 Edition "... the ultra-precise APT, delivers excellent results and make this software a must have for vocal producers"

Production Expert - September 2018 "There is not another all in one package that can do what Revoice Pro 4 does. The results that it can achieve are truly amazing ..."

Resolution Magazine - October 2018 "Superb vocal tuning, timing correction and adjustment, ... the algorithm is arguably the most natural sounding manipulation available."

Music Tech - November 2017 "Revoice Pro is a brilliant tool, and one that is sure to become almost standard practice for many engineers when comping and editing multiple vocal tracks." Music Tech Excellence Award Winner - 10/10

Future Music - May 2015 Awarded 4.5/5 Stars! What would normally take three days to edit ...was cut down to less than a day.

Ask Audio - March 2015 "If you find yourself working with backing vocals a lot, this software is a no-brainer. You'll have that ‘downtown sound’ in half the time. If you are a filmmaker or work with video, this is also a wonderful tool to allow you to do some dialogue work post-shoot."

MusicPlayers.com - April 2015 "Revoice Pro 3 is clearly priced more for the pro studio than the project studio. For the working mix engineer, it’s a no brainer, as the time savings gained more than compensates for the cost."

PC Mag - October 2017 "Avid sells Antares Auto-Tune in its own store for $349, though I prefer Synchro Arts Revoice ($599), a stellar plug-in that lets you line up and tune multiple background vocals simultaneously for pitch and timing, and also includes a killer doubler effect and support for precise editing of film and TV dialogue."

Audio Producer News - September 2017 "In a lot of ways, Revoice Pro 3 is more than a simple time and pitch correction software – it’s a full-blown time and pitch correction DAW. With an ample selection of both manual and automatic / guided correction avenues to take, there is a method here to fit just about every workflow." Awarded 5/5

Music Radar - August 2017 "A firm favourite in music creation and post production circles, Synchro Arts’ Revoice Pro 3 is perfect for adjusting the timing and tuning of vocal parts. It can also be used to create instant double-tracked vocals. Here, we’re going to take a closer look at some of Revoice Pro 3’s key features. Keep checking back on this page as we bring you a series of four videos."

Sonicstate LAB Tutorials - April-May 2017 "Synchro Arts just released a major update to their vocal processing tool - ReVoice Pro. Now at version 3.3 it offers timing and pitch processing - in the video and film world, it will allow you to match vocal deliveries for ADR where actors replace their scratch dialog with studio recorded version. For Music production you can create authentic double tracking, harmonies and other effects. Works with vocals and other tracks too."

Audio Musica - November & December 2016 "Revoice Pro is 'VocAlign on Steroids'. Extremely simple to align and synchronize audio, ensure lip synchronization in the production of ADR and now has the resources to correct and create realistic folds of vocals and instruments."

Computer Music - July 2015 10/10 review and the winner of both an Editor's Choice and Performance Award!

Diffusion Magazine Columbia - November 2015 "Revoice Pro 3 is full of pleasant surprises and possibilities - not only to adjust sources but also to create and improve."

Amazona - June 2015 "This plug-in is for studios and producers who work a lot with several vocal tracks that are not phrased precisely enough. Crystal clear buy recommendation for all dubbing stages."

Audio Fanzine France - February 2015 "For a long time we wanted to test Revoice Pro, and we must admit that this third version lives up to all its promises. The results are very satisfying and obtained without too much hassle."

Music Radar - September 2012 "Stunning doubling mix previewing. High degree of tailoring. Huge time-saver. Some handy shortcut keys."

Delamar Germany - January 2010 "I can recommend VocAlign Pro to anyone who works a lot with duplication and wants to save a lot of editing work."

Sound On Sound Masterclasses - 2016-2017 "This uniquely powerful pitch, energy and time alignment software could save you hours of edits."

Music Know-How - April 2017 "Synchro Arts Revoice Pro 3.3 is recommended for anyone who wants to get the most out of his audio recordings of what is possible. And if time-consuming editing of numerous traces is part of everyday life, the workflow with this software can be significantly accelerated."

The Society Of Composers And Lyricists - February 2017 "Whether you are working in film dubbing or post production, or adjusting pop vocals, Revoice Pro 3 is a strong competitor for both Celemony's Melodyne and Antares Autotune."

Pro Tools Expert - July 2016 "In a recent Pro Tools Expert poll comparing pitch correction software, listeners chose Revoice Pro's output as the most preferred."

Sonic Scoop - April 2016 "Best of Musikmesse 2016: New Audio Gear Roundup"

Ask Audio - March 2016 "Revoice Pro 3.2 offers comprehensive auto and manual time, pitch and loudness editing for vocals, dialog and instruments."

Mix Online - February 2015 "I try not to gush about products in a review, but there’s no way to hold myself back here. Revoice Pro is an essential tool for audio production"

Sound On Sound - August 2015 "Version 3 of Revoice Pro retains its unique powers for tightening up and generating vocal double takes, and adds manual pitch and time correction features that are up there with the best."

Gearslutz - August 2015 "ReVoice Pro is most definitely a worthwhile investment for your plug-in arsenal, if you ever have to edit vocals. Ever since I got ReVoice Pro it has been used on every session"

Micro Filmmaker Magazine - January 2016 "This is an invaluable piece of software for filmmakers and audio engineers who edit vocals in relation to film."

Mix Online - December 2015 "Synchro Arts took VocALign to infinity and beyond by pairing rock-solid performance with the best interface to a free-standing app outside of Pro Tools that I’ve seen."

Recording Magazine - February 2016 "Overall, this software is very powerful, and will be a permanent addition to my arsenal with the potential to replace other editing software I’ve used for years."

Audio Media International - November 2015 "We’ve recently started using the newest version of the Revoice Pro software, and it’s proving to be an amazing eye-opener."

Audio Fanzine US - April 2015 "Revoice Pro 3's doubling capabilities are very impressive, and are not for vocals only. For instance, rhythm guitar doubling sounds surprisingly realistic."

Avid Pro Tools Blog - November 2015 "Synchro Arts’ Revoice Pro is used worldwide by Pro Tools professionals for the fastest ADR syncing, as well as pitch and time adjustment and alignment of vocals and instruments, and double track generation."

Working Class Audio Podcast - November 2015 "I came across Revoice Pro, sampled the female vocal, applied her timing and phrasing to the male vocal and boom! Like magic!"

Pro Tools Expert - October 2015 "The workflow is fast and pretty easy to learn, but because there is nothing else that does what Revoice Pro can do, be prepared to watch some videos, do some reading and invest some time to learn the basics."

AudioNewsRoom Review - June 2015 4/5 Overall and 5/5 for Sound Quality

Attack Magazine - June 2015 4.5/5 Overall and 5/5 for Sound Quality!

Ask Audio - September 2015 "Two Pitch Processors that have particular and unique extra features are Revoice Pro and Melodyne."

Zakamarki Audio Poland - April 2015 "It’s been a while since I last came across such an incredible piece of software and it will probably be long before something else amazes me that much again."

0dB Poland - April 2015 "If anyone seriously wants to deal with the production of music, vocal, or a generic voice, it is currently difficult to find a better and more effective working tool."

Video And Film Maker - April 2015 "The results are what matters and they are very, very good. A must-have upgrade from VocAlign for anyone doing lots of ADR work and music producers will love the added power and ease this tool brings to their world of vocal production."

Audio Technology - April 2015 "Revoice Pro's results do not disappoint. The maths at the heart of its code is clearly solid, the results often cleaner and less watery than the competition, reinforcing the old mantra, 'You get what you pay for'."

Audio Media International - April 2015 "For me, as a music engineer, Revoice Pro 3 offers an incredible set of audio tools that will save me hours of painstaking editing when sorting out vocal sections that I want to tighten, thicken or accurately pitch across several tracks of harmonies and double tracks."

Sound On Sound - May 2013 "For ADR and vocal production professionals, Revoice Pro 2 promises some considerable workflow benefits, and the results it achieves can be truly excellent."

Resolution Magazine - August 2012 "Unprecedented facility to change and match vocal performances including the intonation of a voiceover."

Pro Tools Expert - August 2012 "Revoice Pro aligns and double-track's vocals - perfect for Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and Rap."

Audio Media - April 2012 "Revoice Pro pitches and time's vocals perfectly - so we used it on Mark Ronson's 'Move To The Beat' campaign for Coca Cola because it sounded so amazing.”

Music Radar - July 2010 "What VocALign actually does is a simple trick that, as any audio professional will tell you, it is very adept at, and it can save hours - if not days - of tedious manual work."

Mix Online - January 2006 "Usually, only the worst of the worst tracks have beaten this software. So before you give up in disgust, try some different settings or do a bit more editing before using VocALign."