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Ask Audio - September 2015

Two Pitch Processors that have particular and unique extra features are Revoice Pro and Melodyne.

Revoice Pro is a specialized application—its primary purpose is to synchronize dubbed dialog to location recordings—that is, to match the timing of one take precisely to another. But it also handles pitch, and can precisely match the pitch, spoken or sung, of one take to that of another with a single stroke, a unique capability that can come in very handy. Revoice Pro also has a full-fledged graphic time & pitch editor (Warp Process) like the others here, which provides note blocks and pitch curves that can be dragged for more specific editing. 

The latest version, 3.1, adds a new pitch editing feature for tweaking pitch curves in the Warp display—the Pencil Tool. Most pitch editors let you grab a pitch curve and drag to shift it, or to compress/expand the degree of pitch variation—Revoice has this too. But the new Pencil Tool lets you draw your own new curve from scratch over the original (performed) one—this can be a powerful and convenient feature, on those occasions when it’s needed.

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