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Audio Media International - November 2015

We’ve recently started using the newest version of the Revoice Pro software, and it’s proving to be an amazing eye-opener. This is mainly used to replace dialogue or correct audio. For example, in our studio, we would use it to match an original recording. If something is filmed on location in a busy street, there is a good chance that the audio or dialogue will be ruined. We can record using the Source Connect software, and the director can quickly listen to how it’s being done. We did this recently while working with Fox in the US. We re-recorded badly-recorded audio that they had done on location, and the director was able to listen in to give his opinion on the job we did. It didn’t involve anyone having to leave the country. Infact, no one had to leave their office!

Many thanks to Fridel and OJ of Soho Sonic Studios!

Check out their website HERE and read their full interview on page 12 by clicking the button below.


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