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AudioNewsRoom Review - June 2015


I really liked the very simple way you could tighten up the timings on backing vocals. To me, this is more important almost than tuning. But it was nice having control over how tight both timing and pitch were on the tuned vocals. this gives a lot more natural scope than the overly-tightened phased sounds that you typically get.

I especially liked the doubling abilities. To me, this is by far the most natural-sounding doubler I’ve used. It works on loads of sources. I particularly liked using it on electric guitar parts. Doubling mono parts and panning them really sounded natural, and added a lot of weight to mixes, with little effort.

This is definitely the vocal performance plugin to contend with in terms of options, automation and flexibility. It will save hours of work manually matching audio together.


- Pro features and results (super doubler!)

- Flexible


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