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Revoice Pro 4 - Music Tech Magazine - November 2018

"If you work with multi-layered vocals a lot and find you’re having to spend a long time editing the pitch and time to get things sitting right, or if you’re working on post-production dialogue projects, then Revoice Pro could make a really positive impact on your studio time...

If you load a lead vocal alongside several layers, you can use the APT to match the performances via a bunch of presets, or your own set of parameters, with Dialogue mode and a new Music mode to help tailor the settings. The results are really quite remarkable, and it’s easy to see why the post-production world loves this tool for automatic dialogue replacement...

Revoice Pro could save you hours and hours of fiddly vocal editing. This could also be especially useful if you have a singer in the room while you’re laying down some vocals, as you can quickly tidy up the performances, giving them a better idea of the final product, which in turn will increase their confidence in you and their own vocals...

The new additions to version 4 help to further define Revoice Pro as the go-to tool for working with vocal performances. Alternatively, you could also use the excellent doubling features on any instrument, or use the APT as a unique device for sound design..."


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