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Recording Magazine - February 2016

Overall, this software is very powerful, and will be a permanent addition to my arsenal with the potential to replace other editing software I’ve used for years. The manual warp tuning/timing functions are great on their own, but being able to apply those characteristics to another track is an editing game-changer. I’ve always used different tools for different jobs. I’ve even purposefully misused traditional tuning plug-ins to cut corners and try to do exactly what ReVoice does flaw- lessly. The program’s only downside is the learning curve. It took some time and work to feel comfortable and move fast within the program, but once I did feel comfortable, it was well worth it. 

I wouldn’t reach for ReVoice Pro first when I want a quick and dirty solution to my pitch/timing needs, but I would when I’m intentionally setting aside studio time to edit a vocal. I wish that ReVoice Pro had the ability to assign and adjust the key and tempo of my song to the time- line, so I could use more automatic edit- ing functions to quantize or tune the mate- rial, and if only for learning purposes I wish there were more factory presets to try. But aside from those tiny complaints, ReVoice Pro is well worth the investment of time and money! 

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