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Audio Fanzine US - April 2015



Revoice Pro 3 ($599, $180 upgrade from previous versions) is a potent piece of software that’s particularly aimed at the pro audio market. If you deal with the kinds of musical styles that feature multiple layered vocal parts, its ability to align them is a real boon. Its doubling capabilities are also very impressive, and are not for vocals only. For instance, rhythm guitar doubling sounds surprisingly realistic.

I like the automatic pitch adjustments and correction features, but was not as impressed with the workflow for manual pitch and time correction, which I found a little clunky. If you'rejust looking for pitch correction, this is not the program for you. However, in the context of what Revoice Pro 3 does, having the pitch correction available is important, especially to prepare tracks for the doubling process.

I wished the software was designed in a more intuitive manner, and used more standard DAW terminology and workflows. More thorough documentation would help too. What's in the manual is well written and clear, but some of the features are not even mentioned. I had to use a third-party video tutorial series just to learn some of the functionality.

That said, there's no doubt that Revoice Pro 3 is a very powerful software package that gives you editing capabilities that are hard to find elsewhere.

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