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Audio Media International - April 2015


As an admirer of Synchro Arts vocal manipulation software since Vocalign, I was eager to see how they could improve RVP 2. Adding the Pitch and Time Warp function I think was needed now so many DAWs have flexible audio built in, but RVP 3 isn't just a copy of others, rather a development of it's own unique features, and it's a pleasure to use. Apart from the myriad of enhancements, the AU plug-in is a big improvement on the previous Rewire method of transferring audio from Logic Pro, and the extra performance meant the whole application felt fast and snappy. For me, as a music engineer, it's an incredible set of audio tools that will save me hours of painstaking editing when sorting out vocal sections that I want to tighten, thicken or accurately pitch across several tracks of harmonies and double tracks.

Alan Branch is a freelance engineer/producer. His list of credits include Jamiroquai, Beverley Knight, M People, Simply Red, Depeche Mode, Shed 7, Sinead O’ Connor and Bjork.

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