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The Society Of Composers And Lyricists - February 2017

Whether you are working in film dubbing or post production, or adjusting pop vocals, Revoice Pro 3 is a strong competitor for both Celemony’s Melodyne and Antares’ Autotune. Famous for their VocALign plugin, Synchro Arts has included VocALign’s time-alignment functions and pitch correction with Revoice Pro 3, making it a powerhouse for voice editing and providing the ability to fix timing or pitch correction on any audio you would like. Revoice Pro 3 can make double-tracked performances from the original source, which is great for making extra harmonies.

Overall, the quality of Revoice Pro 3 is excellent. Easy to use. Great online manual. The tech support is also very good, which I feel is a crucial component when deciding to purchase a product. I really enjoyed using Revoice Pro 3, and I encourage composers and editors to check it out as an alternative to Melodyne.

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