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Delamar Germany - January 2010

Assuming the duplications are relatively good and reasonable, VocALign works Pro much faster than doing it by hand cuts, sounding even better! The algorithm can convince with his sound during upsetting and stretching, the quality is consistently professional in every aspect.

The version VocA|ign Pro is superior to the smaller and cheaper version of Project including through the synch points, but also much more expensive. Of course the best workflow provides the plug-in version, which remains, however, deprive the users of DAW with VST interface.

For each word, the looked at in this review version VocA|ign has somewhat struggled Pro unfortunately. The inclusion of Synch Points did help here, but through the small editing window is suffering the time savings compared to manual editing.

Although the price a little high at first glance appears: In view of the sound quality and the speed advantage I can VocAlign Pro to anyone who works a lot with duplication and wants to save a lot of editing work. 

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