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VocAlign Ultra - MusikerMagasinet - March 2021

Here's an excerpt from a VocAlign Ultra review published in MusikerMagasinet, the original review is in Swedish but here's a short translated excerpt;

"I had the opportunity to run VocAlign Project and Ultra / Pro both as a regular AU / VST plug-ins and in the special variant that uses ARA in Logic Pro X. VocAlign Project was doing its job quite okay, but I must say that The ultra version was not only easier to work with, I also got much more accurate results, thanks in part to the new algorithms from ReVoice Pro 4.

It was almost scary how smooth the whole process was. And the end result was absolutely superb. I would never have been able to sing so tightly, if I had trained both day and night.


• Incredibly easy to work with in DAW with ARA support
• Lots of new features
• Sounds great even after large adjustments
• The vocals become super-tight
• Now pitch problems are also handled
• Scalable interface that adapts after your screen

• More cumbersome handling in DAW programs that do not support ARA 

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