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VocAlign Ultra - Audiofanzine - June 2021

Here's an excerpt from a VocAlign Ultra review published on the Audiofanzine website, the original review is in French but here's a short translated excerpt;

"Much better integrated with the DAW than in the past and with a more ergonomic interface, the Synchro Arts software allows us to save precious time in tonal and temporal adjustment operations, knowing that we will get the most out of it by using the key function that allows us to leave passages untouched by the correction.

Of course, the price is substantial and we would have liked to have a few more functions from Revoice Pro, which is not much more expensive, but we must admit that the challenge of saving us time has been met with flying colors and that the integration of the software is at last equal to its other qualities. Congratulations!"

Rating: 9 / 10

Read the full review here (in French)

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