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VocAlign Ultra - Bonedo - February 2021

Here's an excerpt from the review published on the Bonedo website, the original text is in German so here's a translation;

"VocAlign has always been an enormous workflow accelerator and the new match pitch function works like an additional nitrous oxide injection! Production steps that take one to several hours to complete with normal aids are suddenly completed in five to ten minutes. The time gained can then be used very well for other purposes... 

VocAlign Ultra by Synchro Arts is a must-have for ambitious vocal producers and actually a worthwhile upgrade for previous users of the software, which is largely due to the new (or Revoice Pro borrowed) match-pitch feature. The additional time-saving (and nerve-saving) is enormous and the results meet all professional standards."

Rating: 5 / 5

Read the full (German) review here

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