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VocAlign Ultra - Sound on Sound - January 2021

Here is an excerpt from the review which appears in the February 2021 issue of Sound on Sound magazine which is also available to read online;

"VocAlign Ultra is one of those products that you quickly begin to take for granted. It does what it does so well, and with so little fuss, that you don’t always stop to think exactly how much tedious editing work it is saving you! In its wheelhouse, working with sung and spoken vocals, it is unbeatable — to the point where you’d often struggle to match through hours of manual editing what it achieves instantly...

For many of us, then, the question to ask is not “Do I need what VocAlign does?” but “Should I get VocAlign Ultra, or Revoice Pro?” The latter is obviously the more capable of the two, but I actually think that many will be better served by the former, especially if you already have an existing pitch‑correction tool that you know and like.... You’ll be up and running with VocAlign Ultra straight away, and unless you have a DAW like Cubase Pro or Cakewalk that has similar functionality built in (and even then, neither of those will do pitch-matching), there’s simply no other way to do what it does."

Read the full review here

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