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Replacing Noisy Dialog Recordings - José Luis Díaz On Using Revoice Pro

When José Luis Díaz found himself with location dialogue ruined by the sound of the tracking dolly noise, he turned to Revoice Pro to rescue the project.

“I had a take with some words ruined by the sound of the camera dolly. At first I tried to clean it with a top noise removal tool but it was not possible.

Then I searched in alternative takes and discovered one where those words were clean, but the reading was different and the pitch of the voice was too low. So it was not possible to simply replace the noisy words with the clean words. Nobody speaks in that gymnastic way.

I then tried Revoice Pro, and used the original noisy dialogue as the "guide" and words from the alternative take as the “dub”. After a few attempts, I had clean location dialogue that had both matching time and pitch. This was not previously possible without Revoice Pro.

I believe these days using replacement words from alternative takes is becoming more popular than ADR."

Thanks and congratulations for creating Revoice Pro software.

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For downloads and more information on getting the best from using Revoice Pro, click this link and select your DAW.

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