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Producer Vahagn Stepanyan on working miracles with Revoice Pro 4

Armenian-born music maestro Vahagn Stepanyan is a man of many talents having worked on projects as a keyboard player, songwriter, composer, arranger and producer. During his career, Vahagn has collaborated in the studio and on tour with a host of well established artists and musicians from all over the world including Eric Marienthal (Grammy Award Winning Saxophonist), Nathan East (Grammy Nominated Bassist), Melvin Lee Davis (Chaka Khan, Lee Ritenour, Gerald Albright), Adam Hawley (Jennifer Lopez, Eric Benet, Jessy J), Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy) and Richie Gajate Garcia (Sting, Phil Collins, Diana Ross). 

As a producer, Vahagn's work has featured many global influences and languages with his 2015 collaboration 'The Ethnos Project Volume Two' including no less than fourteen languages and musicians from six different countries. 

We recently caught up with Vahagn to ask him a few questions on how he uses Revoice Pro 4;

You wear many hats in the music creation process but how do you start writing a new song?

Sometimes I start from scratch with just piano or drums depending on the song mood.

Which DAW(s) do you use and why?

I use Logic Pro X because I feel it's more easier to use than any other DAW's.

How does Revoice Pro 4 contribute to your creative process in the studio?

It's a miracle tool when you're working on backing vocals. It makes the editing so much easier.

What are the Revoice Pro 4 features that you find most useful?

Syncing, pitch, time adjustment and alignment of vocals all work extremely well in Revoice Pro. The results that can be achieved are truly amazing and in certain situations it can perform miracles, especially when a singer's pitch and timing are in serious need of attention. 

We were excited to hear that you have been using Revoice Pro for overdubbing backing vocals and syncing during a live concert, can you tell us more about that?

Usually when artists are adding new songs before the concerts and you are using playbacks, you don't have much time to record backing vocals. Revoice Pro makes your life easier as you can quickly add backing vocals which are perfectly in sync with the playback without losing too much time.

Your musical projects often feature many languages, does that pose any challenges when producing the vocals?

It's actually a lot of fun working with different artists from different parts of the globe. But usually I like checking the lyrics to understand about what I'm recording :)

You've already collaborated with many artists, can you give us some of your highlights?

Melvin Lee Davis (Chaka Khan); Ida Nielsen (Prince); Eric Moore (Eros Ramazzotti); Mark Lettieri (Snarky Puppy); Henrik Linder (Dirty Loops) and many others...

If you could give yourself a piece of advice at the start of your career, what would it be?

Always move forward and keep your vision by believing big things. Never limit yourself and your talent!

Many thanks Vahagn and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

Visit Vahagn's website to find out more about his latest projects.


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