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Top Bollywood Producer Explains Why Revoice Pro Is “An Essential Tool” for Music and Film

In this video, Top Bollywood producer and highly acclaimed recording engineer Ashish Manchanda, talks about the many benefits of using Revoice Pro on vocals, instruments and dialogue in music and post production.

"Revoice Pro has saved us a lot of time and our productivity is very high. It's a very powerful and fast tool. We use Revoice on vocals a lot, on guitars for creating double tracks really quickly and the effect is super! You can hear it in all of our productions. It has been used to align tracks very successfully, especially when we have done multiple takes and we want a particular effect which is unparalleled. For movie and post production, Revoice Pro has proved to be an irreplaceable tool. For the dialog's that are done on location, it has helped us to sync them with dialog's in the studio and to align Dub tracks. And it's seamless. It's great to match the emotions, it's great to match pitch, and of course sync with the original delivery of the actors."

For downloads and more information on getting the best from using Revoice Pro, click this link and select your DAW.

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