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Getting The Perfect Vocal From A Demo - Musical Legends Chicago

Chicago have a list of hits as long as your arm. With songs such as 'If Your Leave Me Now", "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?", "Saturday In The Park", "25 or 6 to 4" and albums and singles stretching over several decades, the band have become synonymous at creating classic songs and world class vocal arrangements.

Producer Hank Linderman speaks about how Revoice Pro helped them nail a vocal on the track "Naked In The Garden Of Allah" for Chicago:

"We had recorded a demo vocal of the song that had turned out really well, but the singer (me!) was not the right voice for a variety of reasons. We knew all along that Robert Lamm would need to sing it, but we had developed a bit of "demo love" for the demo vocal. Robert came in and sang, and we then used ReVoice to transfer some of the nuances we liked in the demo version to certain lines in Robert's performance. The results were astonishing and wouldn't have been possible with any other editing technique I am aware of. I also tried creating some doubles within ReVoice which were also amazing!"

Chicago have recently been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for their first album, "Chicago Transit Authority".

More on the Chicago website here.
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