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Apple Silicon M1 native support is here!

We are pleased to announce that our current products – Revoice Pro 4, VocAlign Ultra, VocAlign Project 5 and RePitch – are now compatible with Apple M1 machines. Following a successful beta testing session with our community, we have now released free, updated versions for all Apple Silicon machine Synchro Arts’ product owners which can be downloaded from here.

Popular DAWs like Studio One, Reaper, Ableton Live and FL Studio have been extensively tested and have been green-lighted by the Synchro Arts team. Bringing native support to plugins which deal with heavy processing, especially with the use of ARA, requires careful testing.

Our current product line up processes audio in two different ways – in real-time and in ARA mode. Using ARA (short for Audio Random Access) versions of our products means you can process several stems simultaneously, speeding up your vocal editing workflow considerably. The alternative way, if your DAW is not ARA-compatible or if you have non-ARA versions of our products, is using the real-time method. In comparison, real-time mode requires you to play through the track you want processing one-by one, whereas using ARA eliminates the need to do this, giving you instant results. 

Please note: if you use Logic Pro, ARA plug-ins are not currently supported natively on Apple Silicon and will cause Logic to crash. This is something that Apple will address in future versions of Logic Pro and macOS releases. Not all hope is lost! If you use Logic Pro on an M1 machine, you can still use ARA versions of our current products by running Logic Pro in Rosetta mode – more about that here. Alternatively, you can still use Logic Pro without running in Rosetta mode by using non-ARA versions of our products, in real-time mode (as explained above). 

Technical support articles on M1 support can be found here.

If you experience any issues, we’d like to hear from you so we can investigate. You can email our dedicated support channel, support@synchroarts.com, with your feedback. Please include the versions of the DAW and OS you are running. 

Download the latest builds

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