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Introducing RePitch Elements – the New Fast & Affordable Vocal Tuning Plugin from Synchro Arts

Fast, Affordable, Transparent Tuning

Today we launch RePitch Elements – our entry-level, streamlined vocal tuning plugin – supplying you with the basic tools from our essential tuning plugin RePitch Standard to make natural, transparent edits. Fuelled by 25 years of audio processing technology, RePitch Elements benefits from some of the basic functionality in our flagship Revoice Pro 4, with a re-imagined, easy-to-use UI and super-fast workflow – all for a low-cost. 

RePitch Elements is the basic version of RePitch, where RePitch Standard offers our most advanced pitch editing. When you require more advanced features, such as the Draw Tool and Warp Point Tool, you can upgrade to RePitch Standard when the time is right.


  • Enhanced Musical Pitch Analysis – RePitch identifies notes in your vocal on the fundamental principles of human pitch perception
  • Tuning Macros – pitch correct your vocals in just a few mouse clicks using the range of macros in RePitch
  • Multi-Region Editing Mode – you can select all notes across multiple audio clips and use the correct pitch tool to tune everything at once
  • Center Notes Tool – correct your pitch blocks to the nearest note, and with 'drift' control, you can quickly adjust the amount of pitch fluctuation occurring over the length of a note
  • Split Tool – to get your desired tuning, sometimes you need to split a note block so the parts can be tuned separately

Why RePitch Elements?

After consultation with the pros of the music industry, we set out to make RePitch the most natural and transparent vocal tuning plugin fit for the modern day. Now with RePitch Elements, we are making the vocal tuning plugin available to folks who want quick and easy pitch correction that still sounds professional, and at a more affordable price.

RePitch Elements works in every major DAW, with ARA2 integration facilitating instant capture of vocal parts for editing, and VST, AU and AAX plugins making real-time capture almost effortless.

What the pros have said about RePitch

Since launching RePitch Standard in September 2022, we have had an influx of praise industry-wide  for the new pitch editing plugin; such as Grammy-award winning producer Craig Bauer claiming “[RePitch] absolutely sounds better than other tuning plugin”.

RePitch Elements UI

We have streamlined the features to give you the critical tools needed for natural pitch correction. Here’s a quick comparison of the Elements and Standard features:

If you’re finding you need more editing tools, like the Draw, Shaper and Warp tools for advanced editing, you can upgrade anytime to RePitch Standard.

Try RePitch Elements today

Interested in giving RePitch Elements a spin? You can get a free trial for 14 days before purchasing!


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