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Take The VocALign Project Challenge

For thousands of producers, engineers and audio post professionals, VocALign has become a invaluable tool for reclaiming countless hours that would have been spent manually tightening vocals. In a recent survey, we discovered the average VocALign Project user saves over eleven hours a month aligning vocals*. 

Still need convincing? No problem, what about an actual real world comparison of using VocALign Project vs manual editing? We hired Michael Costa, an experienced professional Pro Tools user and pitched him against VocALign Project to see who could tightly align a twenty second lead vocal and harmony track together with very noticable timing issues in the shortest time. Here's what happened...

In our video, it was almost three times faster to align the vocals using VocALign Project compared to manual editing in Pro Tools. 

If you scale those time savings up over a whole project and that's a large chunk of time saved that could be spent on more creative tasks, or just putting your feet up!

To see the editing workflows in more detail, check out the videos below;

Watch the alignment process with VocALign Project

Watch Michael aligning the vocals just using Pro Tools

Do you think you could manually align the vocals faster than Michael? Great - then take the VocALign Project Challenge! Simply download the vocals below, get editing in your DAW of choice and then send us a screen capture of your workflow. If you can beat 7 mins 52 secs, we'll publish your video on this page!



*Survey sample consisted of 184 verified VocALign Project users

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