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What's New in Revoice Pro 4.1

Revoice Pro is our ultimate toolbox for timing & pitch adjustment and this 4.1 update which free to all Revoice Pro 4 users, introduces several workflow enhancements and new features like Process Groups, improved Pitch / Warp workflow and tighter ARA2 integration with compatible DAWs to name a few.

Here is a full listing of what's new;

Quick Start Built-in

  • Instructions and tutorial sessions on startup and in Help menu

Track Management

  • Automatic track creation for process outputs

Process Groups (APT)

  • Create multiple processes in a group
  • Adjusting one grouped parameter updates all processes and their outputs
  • Play Guide, Dub and Aligned options for all group members

APT Process

  • Music mode Fit and Tuning Strength automation
  • Level Transfer Strength automation

Warp Process

  • Pitch display improvements
  • Clearer display of the note pitch
  • Improvements to Vibrato warp point display and control.
  • Shortcut keys to:
              > Create warp (W - when audio is selected)
              > Select and correct all notes (Alt + W when pitch is selected)
              > Smooth join between all notes (Shift + Alt + W when pitch is selected)
              >Correct selected notes (W when pitch is selected)

Workflow improvements

  • Make Group from Soloed tracks
  • Audio master output clipping indicator on time axis.
  • New Short Cut keys for Vertical scaling and scrolling
  • Refinements to the look and feel
  • Many bug fixes!

Logic Pro X Integration

  • Bar beat position offset support


  • Automatic track creation and selection
  • Bar beat information from DAWs
  • Track name and colours taken from host
  • Play head synchronisation
  • Supports Rendering of complex sessions

Supported ARA2 DAWs

  • Studio One
  • Reaper
  • Cubase
  • Nuendo
  • Cakewalk by Bandlab


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