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Whats New


  • NEW Control of Pitch Trend (aka “drift") in Note Center pop-up 
  • NEW Control box for multiple notes that assist note groups’ time modifications and Tilt control 
  • Support for 768kHz Audio 
  • Unvoiced Notes (detected sibilance) now positioned correctly at start and end of note 
  • RePitch now also processes in stereo as well as mono 
  • RePitch now updates itself when not displayed 
  • Pentatonic Scales are removed as possible results from automatic scale detection (but remain available in manually selectable scales) 
  • Pro Tools now has SynchroLink connection between RePitch and VocAlign Ultra 
  • Pro Tools now has stereo RePitch AAX 


  • NEW – Click in pitch scale in left border to enable or disable notes in scale – if enabled, it becomes an allowable note to Snap to (if Snap button is on)   
  • In Logic Pro, RePitch displays correct audio segment when selecting a different track 
  • Tooltips bug fixed where information now displays and closes properly 
  • Unvoiced sounds at start of sung words are displayed with following pitched note 
  • Logic Pro in Apple Silicon mode can resize RePitch better 


  • Improved playback loop area operations when dragging range 
  • Playback in RePitch now stops at the end of the signal rather than jumping back to the start 
  • After using Draw Tool to change pitch, Note blocks move to new Note Centers 

Navigation, Tools and Commands 

  • NEW  For AU DAWs:  Key commands that contain the CMD key are passed to the DAW if they are not used by RePitch
  • When using the draw tool, transition note blocks are handled better when using features like the Center Note tool 
  • Choosing a new scale updates in the Scale Name Window correctly without having to save and reopen the Scale window
  • Windows 10 trackpad gesture improved 
  • Keyboard shortcuts now working in all major DAWs 

VocAlign Ultra Connection to RePitch 

  • Fixed SynchroLink connection so VocAlign Ultra does not delete processes in RePitch 
  • When using SynchroLink, VocAlign Ultra now processes up to 3 times faster

Bug Fixes

  • MacOS / Cubase 12.0.40 - RePitch is receiving keystrokes on both key down and key up
  • Ableton Live may take a long time to freeze an audio segment.
This is the first publicly available verison of RePitch