This is a detailed list of the changes in Revoice Pro 4 from Revoice Pro 3.3


Minimum Operating system


  • maxOS 10.7
  • Windows 7


  • ARA 2 support in VST plug-ins. Works with Studio One 4 and Reaper
  • Plug-ins can start the Revoice Pro application. (All except Audiosuite in Pro Tools 10 and earlier)
  • If you have more that 2000 ARA plug-ins an a DAW, Revoice Pro may run out of file handles. (No yet fixed)
  • Adding ARA plug-in to a track in Reaper while playing, plug-in is not fully initialized until you stop playing in Reaper. (Not yet resolved)


  • Modified colours for pop-up sliders and playback areas
  • Modified Revoice Pro logo on main screen and plug-ins
  • Flat Line Audio mode - If you zoom out on Y scale at the last position the audio is replaced with a line.


Process Control Panels

  • Default values displayed on control sliders. Pressing the Alt key with the mouse presses sets the default value.
  • Recently Used Presets


Pitch & Level Display

  • Cursor not changing if the track is locked. Fixed
  • Initial Pitch and level values displayed in Warp and APT
  • Pencil Tool - After drawing note average value is recalculated
  • Transitions between notes are now draw as continuous lines
  • When editing note pitch as you drag below C the wrong octave is displayed. Fixed.
  • Pitch Grid - faster drawing of the labels.
  • macOS - Gestures - pitch zoom sensitivity reduced by factor of 4
  • Don’t draw initial pitch & level values if X zoom is less that 0.0002 - this is to keep the drawing speed up.
  • Original pitch traces now not draw connecting lines between groups.
  • Faster pitch/level adio drawing.


macOS - Preferences Window

  • Defaults to a size which is large enough to show the temporary file locations controls.


Session File

  • Faster Save & loading of sessions. Revoice Pro 4 sessions are not backward compatible with Revoice Pro 3. (Verison 4 will open verison 3 sessions.)
  • If version 3 has an untitled document opened, then start V 4 - the auto restore code loads the untitled version 3 document. If we try and lock the document we get an exception. Fixed

Studio One 3.5

  • Changes in Studio One 3.5 copy & paste causes errors - Fixed.
  • Support for layers in Studio One 3.5.1 (In copy and paste)
  • Studio One Copy/Paster - undo bug fix

Studio One 4 ARA2

  • Studio One ARA - use pencil tool - track updates while still drawing may cause flash from ExportAudio progress dialogue box. Fixed
  • Studio One ARA - use strip silence on audio region - our sync processes repeatedly updates tracks. - Fixed

Logic Pro X

  • Crash in Logic caused by Revoice Pro Link fixed

Pro Tools

  • Rare problem with link modules in Pro Tools not connecting to Revoice Pro - fixed.

Tracks & Groups

  • Shift click on Show Processes in Track Info applies to all tracks.
  • Track Info - you can now change the width of this area
  • Group Area - you can now change the width of this area
  • Drag and drop importing of word timing files created by
  • Marker area - New Word from selected Playback Range
  • Alt key + vertical scroll wheel will zoom the horizontal axis. (Works well with track balls)
  • One or more tracks can now be selected using the mouse and the cmd and shift keys
  • Delete multiple selected tracks.
  • When in Single track display mode, you can switch between tracks using Shirt + down arrow and shift + up arrow
  • u key - Display only selected tracks. Of one track is selected show in full height mode. If press with only selected tracks displays switch back to showing all tracks.
  • Reduce height of words and process input bars when track height are small.(Process Settings and lock buttons removed at small heights.)
  • New track name dialogue wider text
  • Exclusive solo selected track - does not seem to be exclusive. Fixed
  • Auto size track heights switch off at 5% of space per track was 10%.
  • Y Scale control - Set Automatically option added - this set the Y scale automatically. If you select one of the other values it is fixed and has to be manually changed.
  • Y Axis view areas Time & Pitch label not drawn across two lines - pitch is truncated. Fixed
  • Context menu on track group area to show management panel. Panel can be resized.
  • Drag and drop tracks to Track groups window to create or add to groups.
  • Crash when creating groups if Process Create panel is displayed. Fixed.

File Menu

  • Save Copy In added to file menu, saves a copy of the session and collects all audio files into one folder.


  • Link to DAW page in Revoice Pro help menu
  • New help system, a pdf version of the help is now available.

Warp Process

  • Change pitch limit - undo - then re-do caused crash. Fixed
  • Edit notes using warp process, change the level, undo the level change, edits are lost. (Need to store latest editing points when applying level change.) Fixed
  • Reset Tool in warp context menu. (Reset Selected Values removed from Modified Values)
  • Pitch limits can now be changed part way though a warp process.
  • Pitch Limits - If you join pitch limit zones a warning is displayed about edit loss.
  • Display New Process - pressing space key causes Crash in warp process Fixed.
  • Warp and APT Copy pitch profile - not working - Fixed
  • Warp Process - Edit notes just using arrow keys

Left / right moves between notes

Shift + left/right extends the selection

Up / down moves 1 cent

Shift Up / Down 10 cents

Alt Up / Down 1 Semi tone

/ play selected notes

  • Delete warp point under mouse  (Shift Alt D)
  • Add warp point at mouse as a keyboard shortcut (Shift Alt A)
  • Warp Process - Changed anchor for note edge when editing, allows note envelope height to be changed without moving the pitch centre. Anchor on pitch centre is now the default.
  • Correct Pitch tool controls being displayed with left side off screen - fixed
  • Vibrato Warp Points
  • Fixed Warp Points
  • Warp point speed ramps
  • Erratic behaviours when moving notes and level blocks fixed.
  • Copy audio when warp process selected - paste back into RVP causes crash. Fixed
  • Position of Pitch label modified - now defaults to top centre.
  • Pitch correction window, losses blue border if you change the pitch threshold in the setting panel. Fixed
  • Correct pitch background colour and frame changed.


APT Process

  • APT Tolerance automation curve shows % now in mS
  • APT - Pitch offset now in cents +/- 1200 rather than +/1 50% (Which was .5 to 1.5 * frequency)
  • APT Music Mode - separates the long term average of the note from the short term variation of the pitch. This allows the performance to be tuned without effecting the dub characteristics.
  • APT Music Mode - pitch is segmented using the same method as the warp process.
  • APT Music Mode - pitch correction to grid added to pitch output.
  • APT Guide pitch displayed in Dub track (in red)
  • Waypoints removed from APT
  • Guide / Dub energy display new design
  • APT View controls in right properties panel - settings effect all processes. Display and editor controls removed from process settings panel.
  • Preset tool tip - display Preset at the start of the name - Fixed
  • Dub pitch sibilance colour is confused with guide pitch - Fixed
  • X Fade added to protected area display when protecting pitch.
  • User edits lost in the output of an APT if the guide or dub tracks use a Warp process when the session is loaded from a file. Fixed
  • APT crash if protected area outside process limits
  • New presets for APT music mode


Analyser Process

  • When Analyser display is selected - cannot change scale - Fixed


  • ctrl+shift+y creates playback range from selected audio and plays from start of area
  • ctrl+y creates playback range from selected audio
  • Play from current position into play area, on space key. Shift space is the old action.
  • Faster start of playback after you change a processing parameter.
  • If playing - try zooming using alt key + scroll wheel - audio keeps jumping back to start location. Fixed



  • Keyboard shortcuts can now be modified
  • Commands to Sole - Exclusive Solo and Mute selected tracks (Commands not assigned to a key stroke.)


General Bugs

  • Copy audio from Revoice, paste back into Revoice crash. Fixed
  • Windows - Delete track - then undo delete caused error - Fixed
  • Crash when running OS X 10.8 or earlier. Fixed
  • Audio display not working when zoomed into waveform Fixed
  • Graphic update speed problem found on Retina screens now fixed - Drawing is much faster.
  • Volume process bug fixes


Copy Protection

  • Support for iLok Cloud
  • No longer supports iLok 1